International Workers  Day, Requires a Unified Class Show!

International Workers Day, Requires a Unified Class Show!

In this year, International Workers’ Day need to be the ferment of a unified class struggle and proletariat internationalism. May 1st. in this year, holds in a very complex and thorny conditions of the global capitalism.

On one hand, in such a condition that the economic crises of the capitalist system which have reached such a level, have forced the world ruling bourgeoisie to reduce the wages of the proletariat, and despite that, it also imposed on a large part of proletariat the plague of unemployment.

It is obvious that the reduction of wages and increase the rate of unemployment resulted in high costs of the goods, living needs and imposed hunger for more than a billion of people.

On the other hand, this deep crisis of the great globe’s bourgeois capitalist, the USA, and competition between its monopolistic companies, had resulted in various forms of wars; including military, economic, ideological and media, to re-establish a new capitalist world order.

At the same time the war in Ukraine has burdened the world's proletariat, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and all the non-oil and gas producing countries of the world, with additional cost of living.

The primary cause of the current situation is that a large portion of the world's population are engaged in wealth accumulation from earth's natural resources, and the bulk of it is in the hands of a few thousand people whose companies are managing world's economy, and their states are starting wars to guard their wealth.

This year's first of May, is a test for the long-lasting proletariat class everywhere in the world against hunger, rise of cost of living, and bourgeoisie, to achieve their demands.

At the same time, the proletariat class, especially in Europe, Russia, the US, is in need of a united class struggle symphony against the war, and as an international force aim their weapons against their own bourgeoisie and systems.

This struggle and hope are in need of social awareness.

May the United struggle of proletariat class be victorious.

Long live May 1

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