A letter of support to French-proletariat

A letter of support to French-proletariat

Dear Comrades,

  • Total Energies in France
  • General Confederation of Labour in France (CGT)
  • French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT)
  • General Confederation of Labor "Labor Force" (FO)
  • French Federation of Christian Workers (CFTC)
  • National Federation of Independent Trade Unions (UNSA)
  • French Federation of Management - General Union of Executives (CFE-CGC)
  • United Trade Union Confederation (FSU)
  • SNES-FSU National Union of Secondary Education
  • Transport Union in France
  • Union of Air Traffic Controllers in France

A letter of support to French-proletariat

Once again, today 19.th January 2023 you have shown that the only class that can stand against the barbarism of Bourgeoisie is you. Today Paris and 200 more French cities have begun their rallies, demonstrations and strikes against Macron’s policy to rise the retirement age to 64.

Despite weeks of protests, Nicolas Sarkozy in 2010 could go through in the end and raise it to 62. This class struggle about retirement and other workers’ right is a daily struggle and need that proletariat be conscious and united to win the camp.
Today millions of you show your power and strength by taking to the streets. We are witnessing how you have shown that you can bring the country to standstill and paralyze the production.

Achieving your demands and winning this class struggle is dependent on uniting all sectors of your movement and organising yourselves in a better and stronger way. You have to attempt to gain the international solidarity from our class worldwide and especially form Workers in Germany, Britain and other European countries.
We strongly support your struggle, and we consider ourselves part of it.

Long live your demands and just struggle.
Long live international solidarity.


With my revolutionary greeting,

Kamil Ahmad

In Charge of relation affairs

Contemporary Marxist Trend


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