The Only Solution to Social Dscriminations against Women Lies in a Proletarian Revolution.

The Only Solution to Social Dscriminations against Women Lies in a Proletarian Revolution.

The capitalist world is currently facing its deepest and widest economic crisis, with solutions manifesting in two distinct directions and class interests: a proletarian revolution or capitalist barbarism marked by brutality, sequential wars, and global conflicts. This reality is evident in the scenes of this world war in Ukraine and Gaza.

The global bourgeoisie, encompassing both so-called "democratic" and "undemocratic" factions, fails to offer any promising prospects for a prosperous and well-lived human society, particularly for oppressed women. Briefly, the worldwide bourgeoisie, especially the bourgeoisie in the US and Western powers, no longer feels compelled to grant women their rights or fulfil their aspirations. The foundation of bourgeois "rights" is rooted in profit, and the era of profiting from women's rights has concluded historically.

Simultaneously, the global bourgeoisie has established numerous civil society, feminist, and gender organizations, positioning itself as the champion of "women's rights" and designating March 8 as a day to diminish and dilute the struggles of oppressed women for equality and freedom. Equality and freedom among individuals are inherent and historical necessities. However, these rights can only be achieve through a proletarian revolution. Proletarian women, much like the rest of their class, demand nothing less than a proletarian revolution and cannot delineate their genuine equality and freedom by adopting the label of "gender". The only viable path to equality and freedom for proletarian women and all oppressed women lies in the realization of a proletarian revolution.

Long live the class struggle of the proletariat!

The Contemporary Marxist Trend

March 5, 2024